Monday, March 1, 2010

Made in the USA & Canada Diamonds

Wearing diamond jewelry is rightfully considered to be a privilege, primarily given the fact that not everyone gets to have a chance of owning it. Thus the world is full of worthless dull zircon. However, what you perhaps didn’t consider; is that owning diamonds is a privilege compounded by the dramatic history of the diamond trade.

Once, the entire world was dependent upon Africa when sourcing rough diamonds. Unfortunately, what is seldom mentioned within most textbooks, is that a large proportion of the trade was contaminated by the sourcing and selling of illegitimate diamonds, better known today as ‘conflict’ or ‘blood diamonds’.

The moral cost of buying them is similar to that of the narcotic drugs trade, the proceeds are used to fund wars and other illegal activities. Also, most of these diamonds are mined under unethical and grossly inhumane conditions. For these reasons, the trade of blood diamonds needs to be destroyed!

This is the reason why ethical companies now opt to buy guaranteed conflict-free diamonds which is protected by the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process was introduced by the United Nations and was developed to certify the origins of rough diamonds that are conflict free. Although this resolution exists in every diamond-producing country, there are still times that buyers are hesitant to buy. The fact is that doubts remain around the validity of theses diamonds from Africa, even though there is this resolution meant to fully protect the integrity of a diamond-producing nation.

This is the sad reality that the entire diamond mining industry has to face.

To remedy this, DiamondWave will only buy diamonds in conflict-free areas such as the United States and Canada. The diamonds produced in North America are often mined in the Northwest Territories in Canada, which includes the Diavik and the Ekati Mines. The good thing about these mines is that the diamonds follow the standard set by the Kimberley Process. For added protection, the diamonds are also mined, cut and polished in the area itself and that a laser is inscribed which allows controlled tracking of ethical diamonds.

At Diamond Wave, we buy 90% of our diamonds from Canada and the United States to make sure that we protect our clients and to do our bit to combat unethical trade, for the betterment of humanity as a whole. This is our answer to the existing problems of buying blood diamonds mistakenly from other countries.

An added bonus of course is that when you buy a diamond wave diamond you Buy American! And you protect American jobs. Doesn’t that make you feel even more privileged? Of course it does and that’s how all the Diamond Wave staff feel too.

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