Monday, April 4, 2011

DiamondWave Delivers

Reviewed Apr 1, 2011
I live in Canada and had been looking on line for over a year at the many rings for sale! I was certainly apprehensive to buy on line, however, the prices were always better than shopping locally! I came across a site "Truth About Diamonds" written by Ira Weissman! It was very informative and well worth the read! I wrote and email to Mr. Weissman, told him what I was looking for and he recommended DiamondWave! I went to the site to look at the ring he had suggested for me and at that time, made a contact with Pamela Scott! She was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. We exchanged emails and spoke on the phone many times! I truly felt 100% confident in placing my order through her! I bought a five stone emerald cut diamond anniversary band in 18k yellow gold! The entire process took 15 days from start to finish with the ring being delivered to my front door!! I was so excited to open my package from DiamondWave I could hardly stand it! One look at the ring and I could not believe how beautiful it was! It was everything I thought it would be a more! I took the ring to my local appraiser who has over 25 years experience is G.I.A. Certified, G.J. Certified and Registered Master Valuer Certified! She appraised my ring for more than double what I paid for it! I was ecstatic!
The experience with DiamondWave was wonderful and I will tell many family members and friends that they can shop with this company and have not a worry in the world! Lori

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