Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amazing Service, Quality and Value...I highly recommend... READ WHY

Amazing Service, Quality and Value...I highly recommend... READ WHY!
Reviewed Jan 24, 2012
I recently made a few purchases from Diamondwave.com. And I am happy to write that I couldn’t be more elated with each of my purchases. I did a ton of research before I decided on choosing Diamondwave as the store I would do business with. I read 100% positive reviews and felt very comfortable with their very generous 45 day return policy if I were to encounter any issues. I phoned first and spoke with Pamela at length. Pamela was wonderful and extremely helpful. She answered all of my questions in depth, without hesitation, and assisted me with choosing the perfect set of loose GIA diamonds to have mounted. (I wished to purchase loose “mapped” GIA certified diamonds, rather than diamonds already mounted- It’s just a personal preference that you have to pay a little more for) Pamela was amazing! She stayed within my price range and she didn’t pressure or try to “up sell” me, which was a “breath of fresh air” and that’s one of the reasons I went back to her for my subsequent, larger purchases. She listened very closely to what I was looking for and was very helpful. She is extremely knowledgeable about diamonds, and clearly answers any questions you might have. Pamela was actually instrumental in helping my husband and I make the perfect purchases each time. We couldn’t have done it without her assistance. Our first purchase was an absolutely stunning pair of GIA Certified .85 ctw (carat total weight) Diamond “Martini style (3 prong)” Stud earrings set in 14k White Gold. The diamonds in these earrings have so much “fire” and they catch the light so brilliantly. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the diamonds! Even after giving them the ultimate scrutiny under a 10x magnification loupe, I am completely thrilled! After that first purchase, my husband wanted to spoil me by buying me another slightly larger pair of diamond earrings, so we ended up purchasing a second pair. These were 1.40 ctw diamond earrings, and we once again chose GIA loose diamonds and had them mounted in 14k White Gold studs. Pamela was able to find us the perfect set of loose diamonds to have mounted once again. From the day we placed the order, until they were delivered to me by FedEx (free shipping included), it was only a matter of about 4 days. Incredibly fast! The 2nd set of diamonds/earrings are equally beautiful as the first. They are “full of fire” and I began to get compliments on them immediately. Both sets of the earrings we bought come with the tight, secure “screw back” setting” that is considered to be the safest setting since the stud earrings do not come undone easily and therefore the chances of one falling out is highly unlikely. We were so elated with the quality and value of our first 2 purchases that my husband decided to surprise me with a new wedding ring and 2 coordinated Diamond bands from Diamondwave.com about a week later. As usual, Pam was delightful to deal with. She never pushes you to spend more than what your budget allows. She is informative and lets you know what you can purchase considering the 4 C’s of diamond buying (crucial to understand). The beautiful diamond wedding ring my husband surprised me with is a GIA Certified 1 ct (ctw) Round Brilliant Diamond Trellis Style Ring set in 14 k yellow gold. Pamela was instrumental in helping him pick the style and the diamond after talking with my husband about what style I liked (since it was a surprise for me). My husband also bought 2 Petite Pave ¼ ctw wedding bands to wear on either side of the main 1ct diamond ring. I can honestly say that I am thrilled with all of our purchases. I would recommend Diamondwave.com and Pamela (who assisted us) without hesitation. And I don’t recommend anyone in business unless I really believe in them! As a post note, please note that I spent countless hours researching both reputable internet sites and visiting some of the largest & most recognizable names in (large chain) brick and mortar stores. I educated myself for hours on the 4 C’s regarding purchasing diamonds since I wanted to know I would get what I paid for. I wanted to understand the difference with their various certifications (for example GIA, or IGI etc.) before I even decided where to purchase from. After all, you want to get both value and quality for what might be a pretty expensive purchase. After many hours of reading from many independent sources including the gemology sites such as GIA, I felt confident enough to purchase a set of high quality diamond earrings online. I insisted on buying from a company that was highly rated with positive feedback from other customers and a company that guaranteed and “stood behind” their jewelry. I only wanted to deal with a very trustworthy company that had excellent reviews, an excellent return policy, & sold GIA certified diamonds (as well as non-certified) among their selection. And of course, I was looking for a better price and a higher quality than I could find locally in Houston at the major retailers. I visited one of the largest retail jewelry stores (you would recognize their name- they do a ton of radio advertising) in person to get an idea of pricing and have at some of their diamonds so I could really be fair in comparing prices/quality. Since my 3 recent purchases, I have already recommended Dimaondwave.com and Pamela (because of her expertise), to several friends. One of my friends who just made a purchase, is also thoroughly delighted with the diamond stud earrings she bought as well. I can recommend Diamondwave without hesitation. After all , what more can you ask for?….They offer free fast FEDEX shipping and a 45 day return policy to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. My research made me realize that the quality and value at Diamondwave is far superior to what I found in the local Houston brick and mortar stores. The diamond earrings and rings in the major chain I visited were so overpriced and of such inferior quality, I can’t even stress enough. Do your homework first and find out what you are paying for when buying diamond jewelry. Otherwise I believe it is likely you may end up paying “way too much” for an inferior diamond. Although size matters of course, the quality of a diamond is essential if you want to see that “fire” from your rock!! Good luck! Melissa Stirling Houston, TX

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