Monday, February 27, 2012

Investment or Love? The Perfect 1ctw Diamond

Brilliant, Magnificent, Radiant and full of life - still doesn't do justice when describing this 1 ctw almost flawless round diamond from Diamondwave.

In Love? This diamond expresses you love and affection. The diamond sparkles under almost any lighting. The clarity and cut is close to perfect.

Investor? Diamonds have continuously gone up over the last few decades and will always be another great investment vehicle.

GIA Certified means that the color and clarity have been confirmed by a third party agency that specializes in this field and is recognized everywhere.

Diamondwave offers a full 45 day return policy which allows you to look over your gift or investment for a few weeks before making a final decision on keeping this diamond.

This 1.00 ctw round diamond is priced at $13,900.

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