Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Will You Marry Me?

You are about to propose to your sweetheart and suddenly you breakout with a sweat... I need a Diamond Engagement Ring!

Relax, Diamondwave is here to help. Our elaborate selection and customer assistance will make this part easy... the rest is in your hands.

Engagement to do list:

1) Get her ring size - Diamondwave has a free ring sizer that you can download or you can order a ring sizer by mail. Remember, asking her for her ring size is a dead giveaway so we have several tips on how to accurately figure it out without her knowledge. Download Ring Sizer

2) Order her Engagement ring - At Diamondwave that's easy. You can live chat, or call 866-978-7801. First sort through our engagement rings online and then select a diamond of your choice. Every purchase comes with a full 45 day return policy. Our customer reviews speak for themselves.

3) Should I insure the diamond? - Yes. For the first year or two its common to insure your diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding ring. Many people will stop insuring it once they have a home safe or bank safe box.

4) Timing is everything - Make sure that the day you want to propose works for both of you. Expect that anything can change at the last minute and plan accordingly.

5) Proposing - Be original and make it memorable. Candle lit dinner, her favorite club, a public event, family setting, love poem etc. are just some ideas that can be used.

6) Keeps the plans private - The fewer people that know about it the greater the surprise.

7) Congratulations! you did it

The diamond engagement ring is an expression of love that she will wear everyday. Diamondwave will help you choose something exquisite that will match her personality.

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