Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to Accurately Determine Jewelry Size

How Large Is the Pendant shown below?

The pendant picture is enhanced to show the center pearl. If you read the pendant information it states that the height is 31.75mm. Using the Diamondwave Coin table and the mm to inches conversion chart below you can quickly understand how large this really is.

Most of us can quickly find a penny, nickel and quarter in our purse or pocket, knowing the sizes of these us coins can quickly help us determine the size of jewelry.

Lets take a look at our 31.75 mm Pearl Pendant and compare it to the coin chart below.
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Notice, the Dollar Coin is 26.5 mm high. That would mean that our pendant is larger than the dollar coin. When you shop for earrings you will notice that many of them are smaller than a us dime. The diamonds and 18k gold are both very expensive. If you want earrings that are as large as a US Nickel you will have to look for earrings that are around 21mm in height.

If you would prefer converting everything to inches you will really enjoy our MM to Inches conversion table. This table quickly converts all heights up to 40mm.

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At Diamondwave we strongly feel the more you know about diamonds the quicker you will conclude that we only sell high quality stones at a much lower price than many other internet retailers.

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