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Diamond Color Guide

Diamond Color Guide

Diamond Engagement Rings

If you ever went to buy a diamond you were probably embarrassed when they asked...  Will a I-J colored diamond suffice or do you want a G colored diamond? At this point you were totally lost and wished you knew more about diamond color. Lets take a quick look at the Diamond Color Rating System.

Highest Quality Stones >>>>  TO  >>>> Lowest Quality Stones
To the naked eye, most "white" diamonds will appear clear and have no distinct color. The truth is that most stones do have subtle hints of yellow or brown. A diamond that lacks color is considered to be very rare and is quite valuable. When considering diamond color, one of the very important 4Cs (carat, cut, color, clarity), it is important to differentiate between "colorless" and "fancy" colored diamonds that actually come in a variety of natural colors including pink, yellow, green and black. 

Using the charts below we will teach you about Diamond Color. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) both have created the following system to color grade diamonds. The GIA's scale ranges from "D" to "Z" - from colorless to light yellow. The AGS's scale ranges from "0" to "10" - from colorless to fancy yellow.
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Think of each section as follows:
D E F - Absolutely no color (very expensive)
G H I J - Near Colorless (as you approach J faint color begins to appear)
K L M - Faint color begins to increase
N O P Q R - Very light yellow begins to show in small amounts
S through Z - Light yellow is very visible (very cheap diamonds)

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