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How to buy diamond earrings.



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Our studs online are all non-certified stones.  They are all very good cuts ~ at DiamondWave our diamonds are 90% Canadian mined, from the sites that located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. We hand select our stones, with earrings you have to match each stone by the measurements, not by the size of the stone. This is very important to have a matching set. These measurements should not be too far apart from each other to have a good set. We do own our own diamonds.

 Our cutters cut only very good or better stones, we have some of the best cutter's in the world; we sell top whites not top browns as most online sites do.

The diamonds you see on online sites are non-certified unless they say GIA and normally it's a build your own earring process. GIA is not an appraisal; it is a birth certificate to the diamond that gives you the information of the inclusions, cut, polish, symmetry ECT... of the diamond. No two diamonds are alike. Most local independent stores and chain jewelry stores carry low grade diamonds in off makes unless you request high quality diamonds.

Certified diamonds are anywhere from 20% to 60% more than non-certified stones. Stones under .18ct are normally not certified by GIA or AGS. 90% the diamonds you see in jewelry stores and online are non-certified stones. Unless they say they are GIA or AGS and have documentation to back it up.

Here are some of the studs we carry. We offer GIA upon request.  Diamond Stud Earrings

We do offer a 45 day money back guarantee.

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