Friday, June 26, 2015

June Birthstones defined by rarity and brilliant color

The people who are lucky enough to have June as their birthday month,get to claim two beautiful gems as their birthstone. The first being the rare pearl. The pearl is a classic piece that is often associated with black tie events, but in recent years the pearl has become just as casual as a pair of simple diamond earrings. Their colors vary from a smooth and soothing neutral creme to a shiny, milky white to an almost seaweed black. The colors vary based on the beautiful locations in the world that they are discovered in.

The lucky ladies (and men) born in the month of June get to claim Alexandrite as their second birthstone. This is a unique gem because it is often considered a chameleon in the jewelry world, as the color appears different in varying light. The colors range from raspberry red/pink to blues to vibrant greens. This gem is typically found in Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa.

Happy Birthday to all of those celebrating this month. If you or your loved one is looking for a unique Pearl, Alexandrite, or even both, check us out for some options that are as creative and unique as the person you buy for!

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