Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Gemstone that is as bright and warm July itself!

In this delightfully sunny and warm month of July, it is only fitting that the Ruby would be the birthstone for July babies. With its warm and deep coloring, rubies symbolize passion and courage. They can range from the classic deep burgundy color that most people picture when they think of a ruby to a purple-red color.
Most rubies are found in areas of Mogok Valley in Burma where the best ruby is described as “pigeons blood” because of their color and hue. But all of the varying colors are stunning.

Us here at Diamond Wave want to wish everyone celebrating a birthday this month a very special happy birthday and we hope you are having a safe and tasty summer! Be sure to check out our inventory if you are shopping for that special someone, as every July lady needs a token of their unique birthstone!

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