Monday, July 20, 2015

People! You've got the perfect partner, what about the perfect ring?

Alright, so you have found your 'one and only', right? So, obviously they are a special individual. They probably hug you after work, make you laugh when you are feeling down and hold your hand when you are in need of some reassuring affection. This person, likely, means a ton to you. And while physical items aren't ever going to determine the path of your relationship, that engagement ring (or "World's smallest handcuff", as I like to say ;) ) should be something that shows your love, yes?
I mean, even Gollum from Lord of the Rings knows the importance of rings! His "Precious" was as near and dear to him as the magic that surrounded his relationship with dark magic. When you go through that earth spinning, mind blowing and heart pallpatating proposal, don't you want your future spouse (assuming he or she says "Yes") to be wowed by the beautiful piece of jewelry that you have picked out? Like, Gollum excited?

The point I'm trying to make here is that, even though a ring is only a small part of your relationship, it is a symbol of your commitment and passion for each other. And, you need to use this symbol to explore how unique your future partner is. That being said, I recently read an article about unique engagement rings. And the newest trend is COLOR

In all reality, lets not go overboard with this color thing, but I think that color is a really interesting twist on a traditional engagement ring. We are used to seeing simple and elegant gold and silver diamonds, but why not mix it up? Toss some color in your design. 
Diamond Wave has a fantastic site that can help you to put together a beautiful and refreshing design with close to no stress (no guarantees on the stress actually....marriage and proposing is a big, exciting and terrifying experience but Diamond Wave will do their best to make this an amazing and fun process, as well!), but you can search through inventory, design your own ring, peruse color and style. This site gives you the freedom to customize your ring to fit your lady or fellow perfectly (and in your specific price range!). So, good luck on your search for your most precious ring and keep us in mind when going through your search!

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