Thursday, July 30, 2015

Step One, Put a Ring on it. Step Two, Get the Ball Rollin'

Next to photos and posting your gorgeous new ring online for your friends and family to pour over, you need to get your guest list squared away! So after you  have ruled out great aunt Sandra with the lazy eye and allow the crazy party girl best friend from high school into the bridal need to send out some invites!

We spent some time sifting through some adorable wedding invitation ideas and we want to share them with you!

Are you and your fiance total nerds? And do you want to bear your geeky soul to the world? Check out this website for some fantastically fantastical wedding invites that will show off your geek knowledge!

Do you love designing unique fonts, styles, and putting some amazing colors in to your work? Well this site has some tasteful, and gorgeous invitations that range from music loving, to intricate story telling!

One of my favorite types of invitation are invites for tropical weddings, and it's easy to make them cheesy! The next site shows us how to make this type of invite fun and colorful without going over the top.

Whatever your style, remember to check out Diamond Wave for some stunning jewelry and more ideas on how to spice up your collection!

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