Thursday, August 20, 2015

Understanding Diamonds- Part 1

Everyone loves a good series, right? Who didn't weap at the end of Harry Potter, or when Gilmore Girls ended? Well, you can rest assured that this series of Diamonds will be severely underwhelming. Our goal here, is to teach you about Diamonds, not kill off your favorite character after two seasons of Game of Thrones. Instead, we want to inform you and help you make smart decisions when starting your purchasing process of a ring for your special person!

Thanks to the wonderfully accessible BuzzFeed, we found some interesting infographics, that can help alleviate some pain in the world of jewelry! The following are a few that we found the most helpful. I'm sure your future wife has dropped some worlds like; tapered, colorless and maybe even carrot?? Well, guys, it's carat and it refers to the units of mass used for measuring gemstones! Check out the following charts. And once you are feeling confident, start to poke around DiamondWave, see if you can't find the perfect ring!

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