Saturday, August 22, 2015

Understanding Diamonds- Part 2 Traditional vs. Modern

Getting ready for an engagement is thoroughly nerve-wracking. But you know your partner, and we have confidence in your ability to pick the perfect ring (especially after reading our blog ;) ). 

The next big thing that every buyer needs to understand is that there are MANY options when it comes to purchasing a ring. And I think, after reading fashion magazines, and talking with new brides, and even just poking around in comments of blogs, is that alternatives to your traditional rings are popping up everywhere!

The discussion is not only based around the uniqueness of a diamond, but also the price! It's important to consider your budget and diamonds....well, they are spendy! So, it's smart to start thinking about a different style. 

With a traditional ring, you are getting anything BUT basic and normal. Something traditional comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and clarity! And some brides, simply prefer something classic. 

After considering cost and style for you and your may find that a different stone suits you better! Just because it's not a diamond, doesn't mean it isn't an engagement ring! These different styles can feel vintage, unique and vibrant. 


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