Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fall colors and unique Birthstones

Happy Fall, everyone! We are very excited to have the weather be cooling down, that we are able to throw on some sweaters and boots and  can finally start planning our Halloween costumes!

But don't forget about the birthdays of those special people in your lives! And the best way to celebrate them is to get them one of two unique birthstones for their day.

October babies are another month out of the year where there are two options for birthstones. The first being Tourmaline, which is special for it's range of color. You can find Tourmaline in any color from vibrant pinks to candy apple greens. So, it's perfect for any lucky lady because you can really find a Tourmaline gem that fits her.

The second option for birthstones for October is the Opal. The Opal was originally, in ancient times, know as the Queen of Gems because of it's ability to take on all colors and make it completely beautiful. Most often you will find an opal in a swirl of blues and greens, but they can often be found in a red-ish color as well.

No matter what you choose, both are fantastic gems and can make for some unique and lovely pieces. Happy Birthday to all of you celebrating this month and good luck assembling your costumes!

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