Friday, November 27, 2015

Weds-giving, a trend that need to happen

While doing my typical searches on the internet while killing time during my work day, I had, what I would argue, was one of  my best ideas yet! Now dear readers, prepare yourself for this one.....Thanksgiving Wedding. Simple as that. It's simply brilliant.

I love this idea because, not only is it a wedding, but also it's a way to thank your friends and family for coming to your wedding. For being a part of your special day. And the actual best part? You barely have to plan your menu for the reception, AND it will be close to impossible to disappoint anyone because who doesn't like turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie? (I apologize if you are a vegan or vegetarian...turkey is sort of out of the picture for you, but you know that those string beans and cranberries are enough to make you go back for thirds).

To continue convincing you of my Thanksgiving Wedding idea, I have pulled a handful of pictures from the World Wide Web that could serve as some great approaches to executing a Thanksgiving Wedding that no one will forget.

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