Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Quick Guide: Emeralds!

Hello! It's officially May, and that means it's the time of the month for me to explain some gemstones to you.
As you may, or may not, know; each month has a gemstone assigned to it. Sort of similar to how each month has a flower, a sign, a specific set of traits that apparently defines their personality. And with all of those, of course there is a gemstone. 
The coolest part of having gemstones though is that there is usually some really interesting symbolism and history. And, since it's May, we are going to go into some details about Emeralds

Green is the color of spring, so what better way to ring in the vague sunshine, and popping up of flowers than with a vivid and lively green emerald? Emeralds symbolize life and rebirth, which in turn means that Emeralds can symbolize fertility. Which is wonderful for aspiring mothers out there (and ha! mothers day falls in May, what are the chances?). The ancient Egyptians actually believed that emeralds could help to heal sight and they would frequently bury their dead with emeralds for 'eternal youth'. 

On top of this, emeralds are said to be worth more than diamonds.But, we promise we'll give you a good deal on this gorgeous gemstone ;)

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