Friday, May 20, 2016

Ring Sizing: How to be Sneaky

You might be trying to be a little sneaky, right? Buying a nice gift for someone you love is a great sentiment, but it gets tricky if you can't figure out their ring size. Follow some of our tips and tricks below to figure out their size!

1. Talk to his/her friends and family. Believe me, if you're thinking about popping the question, she has probably made sure to tell someone close to her her size just in case. She's as sneaky as you when it comes to this lovely piece of jewelry.

2. Okay, so this requires a little of privacy, but bear with us! If your loved one has smaller fingers than you do, you can go try on his or her ring on your finger. Push the ring down as far as it can go (and seriously, don't let it get stuck) and mark that position with a pen. Then, run to your local jewelers and they can measure that part of your finger.

3. Lastly, straight up snag a ring she/he doesn't wear too frequently and take it to the jewelers! It may feel like stealing, but as long as it gets back before they notice, you'll be in the clear.

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