Friday, June 17, 2016

5 Things that Make a Diamond Beautiful

Diamonds are always stunning, right? Just perfectly perfect! But, what you may not have known is that diamonds have a handful of characteristics that make a diamond even ore stunning, and knowing about these items may help you find the best diamond for you!

1. Brightness and Contrast:  A really well cut diamond will have brightness and that essentially means; when you move the diamond around, you will see a contrasting pattern, which is what gives diamonds that sparkle. If your diamond is cut either too deep or too shallow, it won't give off the glimmer that it's supposed to. 

2. Fire:  The flashes of 'rainbow' light that comes off of a diamond is called the fire of a diamond. A well cut diamond will allow you to see this coloring even in dim lighting. There are several factors that allow for a roaring fire; star facet length, lower girdle facet length, pavilion angle, facet junctions, the angle at which light enters the diamond, and the angle of the light rays as they exit the diamond.

3. Scintillation: This is the ultra radiant sparkle that you get with diamonds. This whole concept refers to being able to actually see the sparkle in lower lit areas (offices, restaurants etc.) And, what you'll find when shopping is that MOST jewelry stores have excessive lighting, which doesn't give you an accurate summation of the diamond in all lights. 

4. Polish: Polish for diamonds is graded in a laboratories, the diamonds are assessed with microscopes and then give a rating (i.e. Poor, Good, Excellent) on a scale. So, when purchasing a diamond, it's really important to find a diamond that is rated as at least good!

5. Symmetry:   This refers to the shape and balance of the diamond. This trait effects the cut, the brilliance and the price. So, be careful to choose something that is affordable, yet maintains a high level of shine!

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