Thursday, February 1, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Cupid is the god of desire, love, affection and wholehearted attraction. He causes all of his victims to be in obsessive desire of another. However only one set of arrows will strike in the name of love, while the other causes someone to flee, at least according to classic mythos.

The character of Cupid is seen as a (mostly) unclothed, chubby baby. Flying around with stubby wings and shooting arrows at unsuspecting people, causing love and need! It's a fun trope in the cartoon world, but albeit, quite creepy in retrospect. And while Cupid isn't actually the inventor or even the main creator of Valentine's Day, he has certainly become a mascot for it! (See Saint Valentine for a history lesson)

Nonetheless, to this day, Valentine's Day is one of our favorite commercial holidays! Celebrating loved ones, munching on fancy chocolates and getting to put goofy hearts all over our windows with sticky decals from the dollar store.

Some people are skeptics and don't want to celebrate this holiday, but you'd be wise to still get your loved one something pretty for the upcoming celebration. You never know if they'll be disappointed, or if they might secretly care about a romantic evening or champagne and, what's that you say? Diamonds? Sure, of course Diamonds!

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